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EOMAC In Series


in-VISIBLE™ is an innovative combination of high-definition dye-sublimated printed fabric graphics and dimmable LEDs, contained within a unique frame behind an acoustically transparent sheer.


Before and after the feature presentations, LEDs illuminate the image, creating an eye-catching, vivid and colourful presentation to complement the onscreen pre-show and the theatre environment. When the movie starts, the LEDs dim and the multi-layered fabric construction allows images to completely disappear. The unit blends into the existing acoustic wall treatment, retreating from the audience’s line of sight. 


Is it possible for cinema walls to generate revenue for their owners, or become an artistic production to amaze moviegoers without distraction to feature presentation? Here is the answer:

in-VISIBLE™ creates a medium to utilize the unused wall surface within cinema environments, and other low-ambient-light entertainment areas, through a dynamic new technology in illuminated display hardware. in-VISIBLE™ acoustic displays integrate seamlessly into the theatre environment for never-before realised opportunities in:

• Advertising

• Sponsorship

• Branding

• Promotion

• Enhancing the ambiance

• Design and decoration

in-VISIBLE™ offers endless possibilities.



• Flexibility in design layout

• No compromise to cinema acoustics

• No visual distraction to film presentation

• Dynamic, fully lit, vivid and colourful

• Ideal for new-build and existing construction

• All components are re-usable and recyclable

• Full control over display content

• Quick and easy installation

• High-definition, dye-sublimated digital printing

• Long-lasting, energy-efficient, dimmable LEDs


2m x 2.7m (Nominal 6′-6” x 9′)

1m x 2.7m (Nominal 3′-3” x 9′)

2m x 1.5m (Nominal 5′ x 6′-6”)

1.5m x 1.5m (Nominal 5′ x 5′)

Custom sizes available upon request

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Design Composites

In design composites core production facility unique honeycomb cores with a special structure are produced. They help the thermoplastic design elements to create fascinating effects with light scattering and light absorption. The decorative elements can be used in interior and exterior architecture as well as a multifunctional acoustic panel.


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