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Avanti | Wall Panels

Avanti Acoustical Wall Panels reduce noise reverberation from interior hard surfaces to create a more comfortable and efficient working environment. Avanti wall panels are custom made to the designer’s choice of size or shape with a complete line of standard or C.O.M. finishes available.

Avanti Wall Panels may be installed continuously for an uninterrupted acoustical surface, or as individual panels or geometric groupings at selected work stations. Carefully designed mounting hardware is completely concealed and insures crisp, unobtrusive panel joints.

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EOMAC PRO-STRETCH is a site built fabric acoustic wall and ceiling treatment system, designed for acoustic and aesthetic enhancements in any interior space. Even the simplest, cost effective PRO-STRETCH design creates a sophisticated finish.

PRO-STRETCH is also available with digitally printed graphics.

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Creative Materials For Acoustic – CMA, Inc. manufactures fabricated and encapsulated fiberglass products that provide acoustical control to various commercial environments. Special emphasis has been placed upon products and applications in educational and recreational facilities. Over the past 12 years, CMA has developed an extensive product line that provides the most absorption of noise for the lowest dollar of cost!

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eomac CLICK is a new concept of acoustic wall and ceiling tiles. CLICK is manufactured by ARTOFIX through a patented

process, and exclusively presented by eomac. Basic models include ZEN, CUBE and WAVE. CLICK is available in a variety of

shapes, patterns, configurations and finishes – NRC values as high as 0.80. CLICK installs quickly and easily.

• Moulded textile tiles, installed using a stapler

• Integrated keys for easy and quick installation

• Wide variety of models and finishes

• Digitally printed fabric graphics

• Embossed Logos

• Eco-friendly content: Made with recycled polyester


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