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concrete skin

The diversity and high performance of concrete skin allows cost-saving constructions of high quality, cutting-edge facade systems with long-term durability.

concrete skin is an authentic material in line with the current trend towards natural, environmentally-friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient materials that achieve an aesthetically appealing and modern effect.

With concrete skin elements, architects have a product at their disposal which allows their visions to be realized. concrete skin facade panels exist to cover buildings like a skin made of concrete – opening entirely new possibilities for modern ventilated wall design.

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öko skin

Thin-walled, slat-sized concrete: The panels have a very convenient size (1800 x 147 mm) and can be easily mounted and processed on site – both by professionals and skilled do-it-yourselfers.

Low Maintenance: Rieder Slat Wall needs neither be abraded nor painted at regular intervals. Individual elements can be replaced easily.

High fire resistance: Absolute fire resistance, fire protection class A1, non-flammable, safe alternative to traditional wood paneling.

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