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Exterior > Cladding > Metal

Hunter Douglas | QuadroClad™

Metal façade  that features lightweight skins fused to an expanded honeycomb core of aluminum for extreme strength and flatness in sizes up to up to 1500 mm (4.9 ft) wide and 4500 mm (14.8 ft) long. Our system offers specialty shapes and curves, as well as a wide range of colors.



·Panel thickness – 1 in (25 mm)

· Aluminum honeycomb technology.

· Roll-formed fixing sides (QC100 Series).

· Aluminum extrusion framed (QC300 Series).

· Joint width – 0.375 in (10 mm) or 0.5625 in (15 mm)

· Non-progressive installation


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Longboard (a division of Mayne Coatings)



At Mayne Inc where we produce the Longboard® products, we are an AAMA 2605 certified application premise. This means that all product we powder coat, whether it be Longboard products or aluminum for other architectural manufacturers, receives pretreatment which will consistently achieve the highest performance standards the industry has developed.

The actual powder paint performance we apply is either to the colour fade and gloss loss specifications of AAMA 2604 at a min or AAMA 2605 depending on customer requirements. Regardless of paint quality, the pretreatment is always to 2605 standards.

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Longboard (a division of Mayne Coatings)